We create brands that live, interact and go about every day life, just like you and me.

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We design for humans. Not robots.

We care deeply about the people who are interacting with your brand and the emotional connection it creates. It’s one of the reasons why our products trump cookie-cutter options. →


It’s why we dedicated our lives to helping build entrepreneurs, artists & the brands people love.


At bare-bones, we are a highly creative multi-media production studio that can produce and deliver.

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The things we design are relevant and focused on your goals.

Tablet Experience, Business dev, Released to 1.5 Million music fans.  View Case Study
UX + UI for resource finding, multi-language, internal communications system. View Case Study
eCom, Brand Positioning, Shipping Integration, UX+UI. View Case Study
Realtor Branding, MLS Listing Feeds, Calculators, Resources & tools.  View Case Study



Design is more than pretty pictures. It defines the value, merit and quality of your product while instilling trust in your audience. Design is flow, function, and ergonomics. We stay true to these simple design practices and pair it with great story telling. With these proven methods in mind, we build memorable ROI-based campaigns and user experiences through web, mobile and tablet devices.


Web Design, UI, UX, Logo and Brand Creation, Product Design, Persona Development, Mobile, Responsive, Social.




Services & process.

We’re entrepreneurs too and we know what it’s like to juggle chainsaws while signing paycheques, reworking ideas and managing employees. That’s why we started Design Pilot – to help you chart a course and arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed and ready for action.

We’ve done this for small brands and large ones: our growth, nominations and awards prove that we’re really good at what we do.

Web design, E-commerce, S.E.O, marketing, design, video, social, brand development.  

What if your brand was a real person?

How would it start a conversation? Direct users through your mobile application? Are they funny, sometimes serious? This type of thinking does more than just create a voice and image for your brand: it can change your business. Sales can adopt and reinforce it with every interaction. Marketing becomes more consistent and content easier to create. Customer service can reflect it. Your brand is no longer just a logo on a sign: it’s the most popular member of your team.

Experience-based marketing, creative thinking, sales development, display, event branding, application user experience.


“Great advertising makes cars run better, it makes food taste better.  It changes the perception of everything!”

- George Lois


We help entrepreneurs build their brands


We are completely open with our prospective clients about cost, ideas, what will fly and what won’t. We build plans that are built around the budget and impact you are looking to make.

Ben Leoni
Owner, Creative Director
Design Director
Video Producer, Director
Account Strategist

We’re always interested in discussing new ideas, partnerships, and the goals that will help expand your business.

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If video is the language of our time, we are native speakers


We specialize in video storytelling, from the smallest screen (mobile) to the biggest (cinema pre-show). DP’s award-winning directors and producers are experienced in everything from primetime broadcast spots to high-quality corporate videos.


TV Spots, Online Videos, YouTube Ads, Product tours, Corporate videos, Animation, Motion 

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We provide entrepreneurial thinking to the core of your brand or product.  Having a creative partner allows your business to seize new opportunities, build scalable byproducts and increase sales all without disrupting internal operations.


What next?

Call us. Email us. Facebook us. We’re here to help. We take pride in collaborative working relationships and look forward to hearing how we can help you.

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